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Uncovering the domination of supermarket giants - Swift Insights

By Jaxen Wood, Senior Data Scientist

11 August 2020

With all states of Australia in various stages of restrictions and lock-down, families are beginning to see their local community in a whole new light.

This is particularly true in Victoria, with Melburnians confined to 5km from their home (with a couple of exceptions).

As food delivery and courier companies are being heavily relied upon more than ever, there’s still a major place for supermarkets.

But how close are Australian’s to their nearest mega store?

Well it turns out that 90% of Australians are within 5km of a Coles, Woolworths or IGA. Displayed visually, you can see the enormous coverage of these major companies.

If we focus just on metro areas, this number jumps to 97.5%, with top performers in Perth and Sydney at 98.6% and 98.4% respectively, and Canberra at a whopping 99.8%.

As soon as I finished this, the next obvious questions was – what about fast food? And you can’t finish the phrase fast food without thinking of McDonalds.

Following this same process, I worked out that while it’s not has high as supermarkets, it’s still has incredible coverage across Australia.

80% of Australian’s have a McDonalds store within 5km from home!

The possibilities of this technique are limitless. Visualising stores, or clinics, or facilities or customers. You could easily see the footprint they exhibit, and how it looks in the community.

Start adding in some population estimates, economic data or census stats, and you get yourself a true data party.

For organisations, this enables powerful intelligence on where to find growth markets and new opportunities and can also highlight future risks. It can also save time and money by enabling detailed targeted marketing.

Whether you are looking for new customers, clients, members, sponsors or donors – make data visualisation a key part of your strategy.

And if you’d like to read more about my steps in the process for this blog, head over to my GitHub where I’ve documented them - you can visit it here

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