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Where Australians are getting back to work

By Zach Alexopoulos, Head of Analytics

21 July 2020

Some parts of Australia are bouncing back from the downturn faster than others. But which parts exactly?

My last post talked about how you can use JobKeeper and JobSeeker data to identify economic trends down to suburb level. Since then, the JobSeeker data for June has been released by the Department of Social Services. And if you compare the data for May and June, a very interesting pattern emerges.

Here are the ten areas (by SA2) with the largest falls in the proportion of working age people on JobSeeker between May and June (an SA2 is generally a large suburb or group of smaller suburbs):

Area State Reduction in proportion of workforce on JobSeeker
Margaret River WA -1.5%
Port Douglas Qld -1.4%
St Helens - Scamander Tas -1.3%
Manunda Qld -1.2%
Kingston – Robe SA -1.1%
Eden NSW -1.1%
Bellingen NSW -1.0%
Petermann - Simpson NT -0.9%
Charnwood ACT -0.9%
Tuncurry NSW -0.9%

What do many of these areas have in common? Two hints: Manunda is a suburb of Cairns (there are two more Cairns suburbs in the top 20) and Petermann-Simpson includes Uluru.

The answer: many of them are highly dependent on tourism.

If you plot this data on a map, JobSeeker numbers have fallen in tourist hotspots around the country.

There’s no mystery as to why – put simply, Australians have been allowed to travel again. Between the May and June figures, many travel restrictions were lifted (although of course some have been reimposed following the outbreak in Victoria). And unsurprisingly, the tourists have started to follow.

Will this trend continue? We’ll just have to look at the July figures to find out!

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