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SwiftFoxComms enables targeted communications at scale - all without leaving your CRM.

Don't send sensitive and valuable data to a third-party, when SwiftFoxComms can design, send, monitor and manage all of your marketing communications. Features include bulk email, surveys, events, SMS and auto-calls, all in the one secure system.

Getting audience attention is a competitive business. Select the features you need and let SwiftFoxComms give you the edge.



Personalise your marketing.

Replace external email and marketing software, keeping your data in one system and track engagement. 


Create Beautiful Content

Our drag and drop email editor makes creating and sending bulk emails easy. 

Not only can you insert the contact's first name into the email, every email can be personalised by being "sent" from the specific client leader. You will increase your open rates and build stronger relationships with your contacts.



Email Directly From SwiftFoxCRM

Unlike other email platforms on the market, SwiftFox's email builder is fully integrated into our CRM so you can easily batch send personalised emails without linking to another service.

Targeted contact lists can be created directly from the SwiftFox List Builder.


Create and manage all your events.

An all-in-one system which takes the stress out of organising events.


A Virtual Event Manager

Create events including date, time and location settings. Send personalised email and calendar invitations to your guests. Manage reminders, RSVPs and event check-ins. Allow for remote event attendance.

Your Data in One Place

Invite lists are created directly from your contacts and other users in your organisation can add, remove or approve invitees. Store event metadata such as attendance, communications and even dietary requirements. Generate quick and easy post-event reports to users.



Auto-dial calls and personalise text messages.

Have your team run bulk calls remotely, schedule and send text messages, all without leaving SwiftFox.

A Virtual Call Centre

Our advanced calling software allows users to build calling lists in SwiftFox, and then use our automated dialler to make calls at scale.

Add surveys to your call screen and have the answers directly link back to your contacts' profiles - cutting the need for manual data entry. 


SMS Broadcasting & Peer to Peer

SwiftFox enables users to reach out to contacts using text messaging, both bulk broadcast and peer to peer.

Peer to peer messaging allows you to have personal conversations with your contacts, and have these conversations directly stored in SwiftFox.

Create, test and send surveys.

No need to sending your data to a third-party survey platform, do it all in SwiftFox.

Understand Your Contacts

Users can quickly get the feedback they need from contacts with our end to end survey system. Design surveys, run polls and automatically gather results, all without leaving SwiftFox.

Instant & Actionable Feedback

Users can create unlimited lists of contacts for targeted surveys directly through SwiftFox's List Builder. You can then use these results to better understand the behaviours and attitudes of your contacts, tailor your communications, and discover new opportunities. 



Integrate with simple web forms

A seamless end to end solution to capture and store data.

Generate New Leads

SwiftFox web forms can be used as the starting point for automated customer journeys.

Use them to get people to sign up for your newsletters or download an e-book, and start them on the path to being your most loyal customers.

Build a New Web Presence 

SwiftFox and its comms tools integrate directly with WebFox, our modern web platform.

With WebFox we can easily build a new web presence, migrate from an older site or set up a quick and nimble site for a specific campaign.

Engaging with your audience has never been more important. SwiftFoxComms will set you apart.

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