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SwiftFox is the single source for your organisation's information on its stakeholders, customers, members or clients. 

Replace your spreadsheets, notebooks and web searches. Easily collaborate with your team. Manage our new way of working.



Easily Save Contact Records & Build Lists

Quickly create, view and edit details on both contacts, be they people or organisations, and display them in our user friendly 'business card' interface. 

Create unlimited new contacts and data entry is simple with Gmail and Outlook integration plus business card scanning.

Users can also undertake detailed searches of their professional network and customise countless contact lists. Lists are then seamlessly integrated with our email, event and survey tools.



Track Interactions & View Activity Feed

Post and save every interaction with your contacts including saving meeting notes, correspondence and attachments. Easily view records with our modern social media style interface and tag other team members in posts of interest to them.

Empower your organisation with the knowledge of what motivates your contacts with our detailed 'Interests' section.

A real-time feed of all your organsation's activity is also provided. Your users can tag and comment in each others Posts.


Visualise your data and uncover your growth markets - exclusive to SwiftFox CRM.

SwiftFox includes Australasia's most detailed mapping technology allowing organisations to map their data against key national data sets. Analyse the demographics of where your contacts live, see your growth opportunities, be alerted to your risks.

You will find the below data loaded and ready for you to analyse against your own data as soon as you get started with SwiftFox. Our team can also source any additional data your require, and include it for visualising.


National Demographics

Comprehensive national data including:

  • Age profiles by area
  • Population overview
  • Family profiles
  • Migration levels
  • Population growth projections
  • Property, including household data


Comprehensive national data including:

  • All public and private schools
  • School specific data (on request)
  • All TAFEs and Universities 
  • Degrees by local area
  • Certificates and Diplomas by local area


Comprehensive national data including:

  • Cars & road usage
  • Public transport usage
  • All Australian train stations and light rail stops
  • Logistics data

Economy and Jobs

Comprehensive national data including:

  • Key data by industry
  • Income levels, including household and business
  • Unemployment rates 
  • Government payments
  • Pensions
  • JobKeeper and JobSeeker numbers
  • Community donation levels


Comprehensive national data including:

  • All public and private hospitals
  • Hospital specific data (on request)
  • Local immunisation rates
  • Medicare benefits and procedures by area
  • PBS benefits paid by area
  • PBS subscriptions by area
  • Private health coverage by area

Government Areas

Comprehensive national data showing:

  • Federal Upper & Lower House electorates 
  • State Upper & Lower House electorates
  • Territory electorates
  • Local Government Areas
  • Full Federal, State and Territory election results


Manage you pipeline and workflow.

SwiftFox provides a clear snapshot of your pipeline, whether managing your opportunities or reporting on performance.


The Pipeline feature contains:

  • Pipeline Management – interface which allows users to view and move opportunities through the sales/bid process.
  • Activities and Goals – ability to see which user is working on which opportunity, with which prospects, and what the value is of each potential opportunity.
  • Reporting – easy to understand charts allowing users to understand with clarity how users are performing.
  • Timeline – view ongoing opportunities arranged by their likely close date next to deals you’ve already closed for easy comparison.



Explore and understand your relationships.

With SwiftFox you can identify the network tree of you contacts through our detailed relationship mapping technology. This feature uses graph network mapping to highlight the roles and connections your contacts hold. 


Understand Contact Connections

Relationship Explorer highlight the strength of a user's relationship with a contact, so areas of improvement can be easily identified.

This feature can also be used to easily visualise the relationships between key stakeholders themselves.


One Record, Multiple Contacts

SwiftFox understands your contacts often belong to many organisations with different contacts for each. For example, a contact may be a client, member or customer, but may also be a sponsor or board member.

SwiftFox allows you to link individuals to multiple organisations, ensuring you always have a full picture of your contact - and can reach them at the address which fits best for the purpose.


SwiftFox can be upgraded to include any specialised SwiftFox features, including our leading communication and marketing tools.