We understand the uncertainties and constraints many businesses have at present. Talk to us about pricing plans to accommodate your circumstances.


SwiftFox CRM is a powerful and easy-to-use database platform, which delivers unrivalled business intelligence.

It is the single source for all your organisation's contacts, information and communications.






Here's what makes SwiftFox Australasia's smartest CRM.

  • Be better informed on the motivations of your stakeholders, clients, customers or members, their interests and their relationships

  • Save time with one place to save your interactions, notes and submissions

  • Create unlimited new contacts and data entry is simple with Gmail and Outlook integration plus business card scanning

  • Understand your growth areas and risks by mapping your data over hundreds of key national datasets from Australia and New Zealand, always updated

  • Never miss important information by setting reminders, receive alerts and track information important to you

  • Drive engagement and marketing by personalising your communications - be they emails, surveys or calls - at scale





We've crunched thousands of datasets, to deliver immediate data intelligence.

SwiftFox includes Australasia's most detailed mapping technology, allowing organisations to visualise their data against key national datasets from Australia and New Zealand. This allows subscribers to understand both their growth markets and risk areas.




Explore our communication tools that will set your engagement apart. 

SwiftFox also offers a complete suite of communication and marketing tools. Don't send sensitive and valuable data to a third party, when SwiftFox can design, send, monitor and manage all of your communications at scale.




SwiftFox is available anywhere, anytime.

Our platform is entirely cloud based - there is no infrastructure to set up - and it is available wherever you work. Simply log on and get started.

As a subscription service, pricing is based on a per user, per month fee. We also have options for unlimited users to suit larger organisations.

Only subscribe to what you need. You can get started with our Essentials package, or add on as many communications features as you require.

And the SwiftFox team take care of all system and data updates, maintenance and new feature releases. This means you are always using the latest version of our platform with no hidden costs.